Chris Hendrixson


Design, business, music, the future and other things.


The Design Era is Coming

There’s a major trend happening in tech companies today: design teams are growing like mad. Whether you are in design, engineering or business development this trend will affect you.


Astronomer: A Logo Story

A play-by-play analysis of how I designed Astronomer's logo, which might be my favorite of my career so far.


Does a Logo Really Matter?

On May 11, 2016, Instagram changed its logo. The Internet responded with vigor.


On Babies & Business

What a newborn baby can teach us about product development.


The Story of the '69 Miracle Mets

In the second-greatest human feat of 1969 the worst team in baseball history somehow became champions.


The Best Songs of 2017

My ten favorite songs released in 2017 — from a teenager in England making music in his parents' home to a legend staring down her own death. Just like 2017, it's a trip. Enjoy.